N-TEK Engineering Service


What we offer

We manufacture one-off products to small production batches to repair or replacement of parts, we are experienced in machining Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Bronzes, Brasses and plastics.


N-TEK Engineering Services offers a fast, efficient machining & repair service to cover all of your machining requirements.





  • Bespoke Machining and Repair Service

  • Machine Shop Facilities

  • Sales, Business Development Support

  • Precision Machining 

  • Reverse Engineering 

  • Head Skimming

  • Helicoiling

  • Repair Service






  • Colchester Student, DRO and capacity of 850mm between centres- taper turning attachment.

  • Dean Smith and Grace, DRO and capacity of 36” between centres- taper turning attachment,

  • Gap bed 20: swing

  • Bridgeport Mill, DRO 50” table

  • Ajax Horizontal with universal head and the table will swing on an angle.

  • Pillar Drill

  • 36” Radial Drill

  • Bandsaw- 12” cut


All of the plant listed above are manual machines but I can facilitate any prototype or production parts required through a collaborative partner who looks after all of my CNC requirements.






Manufacture one-off products
Manufacture one-off products

Replacement of parts
Replacement of parts

Manufacture one-off products
Manufacture one-off products

 Collection & drop off service available Contact us for details